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A Novel Approach to Broadcast Intention for Depression and Anxiety

A Novel Approach to Broadcast Intention for Depression and Anxiety

Cynthia R. Reed PhD
1, Paul Thomlinson PhD2, Daniel C. Harner PhD1, William A. Tiller, PhD1

1. William A. Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science, Pine, Arizona 85544
2. Burrell Behavioral Health, Springfield, Missouri, 65805


This study evaluates the potential for a specifically targeted, continuous intention broadcast over a defined period to impact depression and anxiety.

The objective of this study is to measure the impact of a targeted intention broadcast from an imprinted Intention Host Device (IHD) on stress, anxiety and depression in a normal adult population.

A total of 182 adult subjects participated in a Phase I (3-month) randomized double-blind trial. The intervention group (n=93) received a broadcasted intention designed to support reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression. Controls (n=89) received no intervention. All participants completed baseline and post-test measures on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults and the Zung Self Rating Scale for Depression.Subjects who completed Phase I were invited to re-enroll into the Phase II (8-month) intervention to assess changes across time. Phase I post tests were used as the beginning score for Phase II.

Results were compared using a mixed analysis of variance with one between groups and one within groups factor on the pre-and post-test scores. The results for Phase I showed no significance between groups in depression (P=0.419) or the trait anxiety (P=0.441) and near-to- significant reduction of state anxiety for the intervention group at the p< 0.089 level of significance. The control group showed no significant reduction. The analysis of the post-intervention Phase 1 scores to the post intervention Phase II scores showed a significant reduction with state anxiety (p< 0.001), trait anxiety (p< 0.001) and depression (p< 0.003).

The results suggest that over time, an intention broadcast to adult subjects may have a positive impact on anxiety and depression. More research needs to be conducted to explore the potential of IHDs to improve human health.

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