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Bodywork Impact on Posture and Related Awareness in Teenagers

Bodywork Impact on Posture and Related Awareness in Teenagers



To determine the impact of bodywork on posture related awareness in a teenager.

Material & Method:

This is a single case study of a fourteen-year-old male. Seven sessions were provided over approximately a four-month time frame. Measurement of posture improvements primarily focused on the head with craniosacral assessments and related exercises. Sessions provided ranged from 30-60 minutes in length and combined muscle, myofascial, passive range of motion (PROM) and other bodywork techniques.


The results of the study show a 100% improvement in level eye lateral movement after each session. Other improvements were noted with lateral head rotation, balance in craniosacral rhythms and weight distribution. The client also experienced improved ease and effortlessness in his posture both in sitting and standing when receiving work on psoas work in a supine position. Postural changes experienced by the participant lasted approximately twenty- four hours. In addition, the participant demonstrated improved postural awareness in his day-to-day life by incorporating regular neck stretches to support better postural patterns. These patterns continued to improve as of the report date.


The results indicate a positive correlation between bodywork and postural patterns and related awareness in teenagers which may be beneficial to expand on in future studies.

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