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In this issue of IJHC

This issue of IJHC witnesses several shifts in: Our editorial staff: Promoting me to Editor in Chief, and promoting Ruth Sewell, PhD, Martina Steiger, ThD, BEd, MA, and Loren Toussaint, PhD to Editors; Editorials that may include staff other than myself, as in this issues; and Publication focus that will include a new section on

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Prescription: Humor Healing

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage II B in February of 2008. I had a full hysterectomy and six chemotherapy treatments of combined Taxol and Carboplatin over the course of six months. I am in remission and continue to build back my physical strength through diet and exercise. I never lost my mental strength!

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An Artist’s Vision

Sue Coleman paints the animals, plants and landscapes of British Columbia including their spirit and energetic aspects. The spirits are taken from First Nation traditions.

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IJHC Book Reviews May 2009

Lombardo, Tom. (ed.) After Shocks: The Poetry of Recovery for Life-Shattering EventsDavid Korten. The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth CommunityThe Pear Proposition: Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical PhenomenaPhilip Yancey and Dr. Paul Brand, The Gift of Pain: Why we hurt and what we can do about itSandra Ingerman. Shamanic Journeying: A beginners guideMehmet Oz,

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Editorial of Editor Listening from Within the Heart

In a world that is mainly characterized by doing, by results and measurable accomplishments, and by doing more and more in a shorter period of time, Being remains a largely foreign notion. Often we will hear people talk about doing nothing, which may include watching television or surfing the net, according to their definition. Is

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Scleroderma: My Path to Healing

There are several different types of Scleroderma. I was diagnosed with the most critical variation on this exquisite torture By January, 2002 my skin was rock hard. I thought I could not move my fingers because of the swelling but I soon discovered my hands were frozen in a claw-like position because of my skin.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) For Traumatic Brain Injury

Sally came to a San Francisco EFT activity in September of 2007 along with fourteen other people with significant physical or emotional issues. Six years previously, Sally had been involved in a serious automobile accident and was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Among her presenting symptoms was poor balance and the necessity to use

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