ISSN 1538-1080

Tag: Volume 7, Number 1

METHOD OF LEVELS THERAPY: Helping the normal change process within a person when normal change doesn’t seem to be happening by itself.

This in-depth study demonstrates the value of single-case research, as well as confirming the value of the particular method that was studied. Method of Levels (MOL) Therapy is described and applied to the case of a woman whose husband died. MOL Therapy is derived from Perceptual Control Theory. Session to session changes within the woman

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Part III: Meditations on destiny

I made the seven Destiny essences over a period of months and during this time, also received a series of meditations. Several destiny-themes emerged to give multi-dimensionality to the kit. I believe these meditations will expand users imagination and help to deepen the work with the kit in many different ways.

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