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Tag: Volume 5, Number 2

Scientific Assessment of Energy Medicine Practitioners

As in all disciplines, common assumptions by practitioners and scientist evaluating those practitioners are made despite the best efforts of those involved. Among the energy medicine practitioner community there is a common belief that no harm can or will be done to the client. Since there are now studies documenting actual physical change as a

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Building Bridges, Saving Lives

We all have the capacity to heal within ourselves Freud depicted religion as inherently pathological and inconsistent with psychological maturity. Yet many of us in the field of emotional and psychological well-being have felt the opposite. We have been aided and guided in our work by spiritual concepts from both ancient and more recent traditions.

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Intuition in Practice: An Interview with Judith Orloff, MD

DB: When youre doing these readings, do you have a particular range or area of problems that you feel that youve been able to help with, perhaps more than others, or particular areas that you are responsive to, or resonate with? JO: Im always very, very good at helping people find what theyre meant to

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Clearing the Vessel Through Which Healing Pours

Caregivers and careseekers can enhance healing by clearing themselves of emotional dross Bioenergies respond to the psychological states and intents of the healer and healee. On the one hand, this leave healees and healers vulnerable to distortions and disruptions of their energy fields when their mental or emotional states are unsettled. On the other hand,

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A Healer’s Story

Unusual, self-healing responses to spiritual healing I had my eyes closed and my hands resting lightly on her shoulders when I became aware of a persistent pressure emanating from Eunice. It was so strong that I was slowly, but relentlessly, compelled to give ground as the pressure grew. I intuitively knelt down on one knee,

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