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Tag: Volume 4, Number 1

Where does the Yin Yan Symbol Come From?

There is a well-known Chinese Yin Yang symbol. Sometimes its called Tai-Chi symbol. The Tai-Chi is from I-Ching. The I-Ching is the greatest foundation of Chinese philosophy. Its development is from the natural phenomena of our universe. Because I-Ching comes from nature, it should be easy.

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Fields and Energies Related to Healing: A Review of Soviet and Western Studies

Evidence for the biofield Abundant research has been done to confirm the existence of spiritual healing in numerous controlled studies How spiritual healing occurs is as as yet a controversial question. This paper reviews evidence suggesting that biological fields and energies may be involved in spiritual healing, and based on this assumption presents speculations on

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Darkness and Light: Perspectives on the Yin Yang Symbol

In the middle of winter, with the darkness of night longer than the light of day, our inner selves mirror the world outside and we are given to brooding over dark and sometimes negative thoughts. While most of us are not happy when dark clouds of negative thoughts and moods cross or even cover completely

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How is it that you came to resideSo comfortably, so inextricably,At the very center of me?

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Nutrient Synergy and Complexity Theory: A New Paradigm?

This paper suggests that there is need for an amplified paradigm in nutrition, going beyond biochemistry, to accommodate new research on the effects of whole foods and complex dietary systems. It offers a brief history of nutrition science, an overview of successful applications of the reigning nutritional paradigm and a rationale for a paradigm expansion.

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