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Tag: Volume 21, Number 2

Methodological issues in Reiki Reporting: Part 2

Melinda H. Connor1,2,3, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C Caitlin A. Connor2,4,5, DAOM, PGDip (pending), AMP, EHP-C Gail M. Jett5,6, Th.D., NP, MSN, WHNP-BC, AHN-BC, LMT, EHP-C Brian D. Dailey5,7,8, MD FACEP, FACFE, EHP-C Jill Gavin-Gannon3,9, MSN, PMHRN-BC, BHSP 1. Research Professor, Akamai University, Hilo Hawaii, USA 2. Earth Songs Holistic Consulting, Tucson AZ, USA 3.

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Call For Presentations 2022 EP Research Symposium

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology will be hosting its Eleventh Annual Research Symposium next year. We are accepting research studies and papers in the fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine to be presented at our international conference on Thursday, May 12, 2022. Energy Psychology is a relatively new but exciting approach in the

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Seaspiracy: A metaphor for our lives

Our world is changing in very challenging ways that threaten to be overwhelming. We are facing massive overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, and climate change. Any of these alone may eliminate our very existence. Combined, the prospects look grim indeed. I find it deeply saddening to see the general lack of awareness, much less serious

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A Need for Comprehensive Research Standards for Energy Modalities

Research into energy work has progressed significantly since it first began, to the point where there are now over 15,000 peer reviewed and published journal articles on energy work across the world. This means that there are enough studies to constitute the beginnings of an evidence base. Unfortunately this in no way means that the

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Efficacy of Advanced Integrative Therapy in Treating Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Preliminary Case Report

Abstract This case report documents the need for further research into Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), a gentle somatic trauma treatment, as it may be effective in treating complex post-traumatic stress disorder. It also shows the framework that AIT uses to treat intergenerational, or ancestral trauma. The clients initial presenting concerns were feelings of depression, anger,

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Digital Assessment and Tracking, Life Balance, Emotional Stability, Well-Being, Spiritual Awakening, Anxiety and Depression: A Practice-Based Evidence Approach to Change in Psychotherapy

Abstract This article discussed the use of a digital assessment and tracking approach to life balance, emotional stability, well-being, spiritual awakening, anxiety and depression. Using Pragmatic Tracker (PT) and Blueprint (BP) 6 Friedman Scales plus outcome measures were presented to demonstrate how to administer, score, record, track and graph changes during psychotherapy session by session.

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Introduction to our new Editor-in-Chief

An Introduction to Dr. Kendra Gaines, Ph.D. Ive worked for newspapers, book publishers, secondary schools, travel magazines, and universitiesbut this is the first time I have held the honored position of Editor-in-Chief of a most respected and invaluable publication, the IJHC. This journal is a cutting-edge resource for the healing community, offering an outlet for

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Founding Editor Farewell

After 20 years of publishing the International Journal of Healing and Caring, at the age of 80, Ive decided its time to retire. Its been a long road, publishing 3 issues annually, with 4-7 articles in each issue. I was delighted and privileged to encounter many wonderful therapists in the process of editing and publishing

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IJHC and NAOEP announce Joint Partnership

International Journal of Healing and Caring ( and the National Alliance of Energy Practitioners ( announce that beginning with the Dec 2021 edition the journal will be produced jointly. Individuals wishing to submit scientific articles, clinical case reports, pilot studies, book and film reviews, editorials on topics relevant to health and health care may submit

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