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January 2021 Book Reviews

Cheryl L. Fracasso, Stanley Krippner and Harris L. Friedman (Editors) Holistic Treatment in Mental Health Brian J. Sheen PhD. Epigenetics, The New Paradigm of Healing and Wellness

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Brush or Pen: 1000 Strokes or a Thousand Words?

In the late 70s I found a silver ring by the side of the road near my house. Despite the fact that it had been mangled and crushed by traffic, I could discern a Hindu female deity on the damaged surface. She carried what appeared to be a brush in one upraised hand and a

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How Do Energy Psychology Modalities Work? An Energy-Based Theoretical Perspective

Abstract Energy Psychology (EP) modalities, integrative methods that strategically involve accessing human energy for therapeutic purposes, enjoy a rich and diverse evidence base. As such, many attempts have been made to explain how they work. Explanations have primarily utilized a biological basis for explicating the mechanisms by which EP may function. These contributions are extremely

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Reply to How Do Energy Psychology Modalities Work by Debra Greene

First of all, I am flattered to have my published speculations over the past decade about the mechanisms involved in the strong outcomes produced by acupoint tapping protocols elevated into what Debra Greene graciously calls The Feinstein Model and describes as the theoretical model that is the most widely accepted. Greenes subsequent challenges to that

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Lessons in Psychotherapy from the Experiences of a Therapist Who Is a Patient

Abstract Ive focused in my writing and editing on wholistic healing therapy, addressing body, emotions, mind, relationships (with other people and with the environment) and spirit. My focus has been on the principles and practices involved, and especially on research confirming various aspects of wholistic healing. In this editorial I focus on my personal experiences

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