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Finger-reading: Exploring the Information Field

Some people are able to read images by using their fingers rather than their eyes. After nine years of investigation, we confirmed that children between 6 and 13 years old can be trained in finger-reading. An earlier report suggested that finger reading can be developed in a high percent of children (~40%) with training (S.

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Intuition is the inner knowing that comes without outer sensory stimuli. It is the modality that senses most deeply, yet one that our society has valued least. We invest most of our efforts in educating our children to use their outer senses, ignoring and even denigrating the inner ones.

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Proprioception, Reflection, Recognition: The Positive Affect of Paradigmatic Form

INTRODUCTION Over a period of thirty years, I have developed a series of conjectures showing consonance between forms of fundamental physiological systems and perceptual patterns affecting physical and emotional health, behavior and culture. These investigations have led me to believe that aspects of consciousness are hard-wired in our physiological bodies, and that the focus of

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Unfiltered Humanity: Reflections from Peru July 12, 2000

Before beginning medical school, I chose to explore parts of South America in the capacity of a servant to issues that moved my soul to action. Projects that commanded my pro-active stance were: environmental conservation, preservation of indigenous cultures, and healthcare in the developing world. I volunteered in conservation efforts in an inter-Andean forest in

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Psychic Healing and the Anisotropic Universe

Drawing on his training in advanced physics and quantum theory, together with an in-depth questioning of the latters known inconsistencies, physicist/psychic healer Nicolai Levashov has concluded that the universe is anisotropic, i.e., non-uniform in spatial structure. This concept, while backed by serious support in the field of astrophysics, runs directly counter to the classical view

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Studies with Nicolai Levashov

I first consulted Nicolai for my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in 1994. This had been diagnosed by two medical homeopaths who were expert with a variation of the Voll diagnostic device. They had each, independently, found inflammatory pathology in the same major organ systems: the heart, lungs, liver, and prostate. Pathologic structural changes in the

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