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IJHC Book Reviews January 2002

-Ron and Ina Denburg. The Diamond Diet: A Multifaceted Path to Weight Loss, Health, and Wellness 7 Weeks That Will Change Your Life-Scared Space Publications. Sacred Space: The international journal of spirituality and health-Michael Lerner. Choices in Healing-Cay Randall-May, PhD. Pray Together Now: How to Form a Prayer Group-Sam Menahem, PhD. When Therapy Isnt Enough:

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Traditional, Complementary, Alternative, and Psycho-Social Modalities of Treatment, Jan 2002

Personality Traits Different In Male and Female Asthma Sufferers Loss of Religious Faith Impacts Mortality Medical School Applicants Should Be Screened for Personality Disorders Cyberonics Device to Treat Depression Marital Problem Discussions May Raise Blood Pressure Depression-Related Autonomic Dysfunction May Increase Post-MI Mortality Antidepressants and Psychotherapy Produce Similar Changes in Brain Activity Fear Leads Psychiatrists

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Medical Student Idealism Meets Medical System Realities

I spoke with a third-year classmate today. Ill call him Todd. Todd is a very decent guy; He is considerate and intelligent, and will be a fine orthopedic surgeon. He shared some of his disappointments with me: Before medical school he dreamed of being a physician working with a team of dedicated people who spend

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Counseling With Soul Talk

The recent tragic events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 have dramatically and inalterably altered all of our lives. There is great need for those of us in family practice, indeed, for all physicians, to be available to our patients for at least basic counseling to help our patients deal with

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EmotionalBodyProcess II: Theories and Evidence on Combining Imagery, Energy Medicine, and Awareness of Non-Local Mind

This paper discusses theories to explain EmotionalBodyProcess, a method involving imagery healing for transformation of negative energies. This innovative technique was described in IJHC Volume I, No. 1. Briefly, it involves the creation through imagery of a space where you concentrate the energies of of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and healing. Into this space you invite

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Shamanism and the Medical Encounter

Case 1: It is 3:00 a.m. and I am awakened suddenly from deep sleep by an image of my patient M. drifting out into the cosmos. Inexplicably, I go downstairs and sit in meditation for a few minutes, finding myself saying, M. come back, come on back, over and over again. I then go back

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Respants: Information, Inspiration and Expiration

Most medical school applicants today state that the candidate for admission is interested in and fascinated by the human body. The problem is that a person comes with each body. The person is not treated properly by many a physician. The person may also disturb the physician who has been given medical information but not

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Healing Potentials in our Words

Through words we are taught to label the myriads of stimuli that enter our sensory portals. Conventional medicine focuses on physical problems. It offers medicines and other mechanical manipulations (hormones, surgery, genetic alterations) as ways of dealing with problems. We are conditioned through the use of the term, medicine, to view these mechanical approaches as

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