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Health Locus of Control, Self-Awareness, and Integrative Eating Styles in University Students

Abstract The psychological and physical well-being of students is a cause for concern. For the majority of the student population this means substantial changes in healthy behaviours including eating habits. The current research was aimed at investigating integrative eating in 170 Australian university students. Self-awareness and health locus of control were measured in order to

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Life as Non-Proprietary Lessons in Healing of Self and Others

Abstract While healing is generally considered to be a natural process of the body, and varieties of practitioners offer approaches and supports to support and enhance healing, the innate capacities of people to heal themselves and to offer healing to each other are largely ignored. There are numerous factors contributing to this situation. Modern therapeutic

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How Aspects of Self-Compassion Contribute to Wellbeing and the Effect of Age

Abstract This study investigating the differential contribution of self-compassion subcomponents to wellbeing, and examined the effect of age. A total of 275 participants (219 females) completed demographic measures, the Self-Compassion Scale, the Mental Health Index, and a Social Desirability Scale. Hierarchical Multiple Regression indicated that the self-kindness and mindfulness subcomponents predicted wellbeing, whereas the self-judgement,

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The Influence of Caring and Emotional Intelligence among First-year Baccalaureate Nursing Students

Abstract This research investigation consisted of a quantitative study which explored emotional intelligence (EI) among first-year baccalaureate nursing students in an academic setting. The query was utilized to assess the impact of nursing curriculum on the growth of EI, a caring characteristic deemed desirable by healthcare employers. The study participants were given the Emotional and

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Making Images and Healing Soul

Abstract The processes of making images making paintings are experiments in soulmaking. In this article I share some of my processes and awarenesses in my paintings. Keywords: Creating images, soulmaking, soul healing, Psychologist C.G. Jung had much to say about images and the soul, especially a special category of archetypal images, important for individuation or

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Book Reviews Volume 18 No. 3

BOOK REVIEWS Daniel J. Benor, MD. (2018). Wholistic Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): A Mini-Encyclopedia of Ways to Develop and Deepen Wonder-full Relationships. Guelph, ON, Canada: Wholistic Healing Publications. 549 pp. $25.95 (paperback) . Refs 13pp. Index If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears

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