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Tag: Volume 15, Number 3

Community Healing Project for ALL

Abstract While healing is increasingly accepted in addressing the problems of individuals, the applications of healing for larger numbers of people is not as well known. Fountain International is a world-wide community healing project, based on the simple concept that communities, like people, suffer from disease and may be healed. By tuning in ones thoughts

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Healing the Collective PTSD of Humanity

AbstractSerious global challenges in our world threaten the continuation of human life and of most life as we know it on our planet today. Humanity as a whole appears determined to suicide through any or all of a variety of abuses by humans of each other and of our planet. This discussion explores the possibility

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Feeding feelings: Is there a relationship between emotional eating and body mass index in adults?

Abstract The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between emotional eating and body mass index (BMI) in an international sample of healthy weight, overweight, and obese adults (N = 226). It was hypothesised emotional eating scores would differ significantly between the BMI classification groups. Consistent with expectations, ANCOVA results revealed significant differences in emotional

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Heart Rhythm Meditation to Reduce Auditory Hallucinations and Anxiety: A Single Case Study unpublished version

Abstract Objective: Exploration of new ways of self-soothing and grounding to help with the integration of the fragmented self of a person diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Design: Single case study comparing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia while on antipsychotic medication plus body-mind focusing exercises followed by a period without medication in which body-mind focusing exercises were

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Sound Medicine: Using State-of-the-Art Technology to Facilitate Deep Relaxation, Sleep and Pain Management unpublished version

Abstract: The human brain and mind, our 3-pound universe, is the key to each and every moment of our lives. Neuroscience demonstrates that the brain speaks and processes information in specific frequency ranges, including delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Audio technologies, including drumming, and chanting have been used for millennia to influence the brain

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