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Tag: Volume 10, Number 1

In Search of Mindfulness

Having gained insights into the nature of mindfulness, primarily through the engagement in specific craft activity, the author embarked upon a journey through Japan in order to further explore the subject of mindfulness in relation to both craft production and in its applications to health care practice. Relating these experiences to the Western interpretation of

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The Last Leaf

To lifeOr deathNow do you cling;Why this life in limbo?Harken now, warbler singTo share with youThis bent bough.

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Speculations on Two or Three Points for Transformation

Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas .– Shoseki I am struck by the varieties of newer psychotherapeutic interventions that involve two or three modality stimulation of the brain and/or mind and/or body as a portion of their methodology. I speculate here on whether the multiple focus of awareness might be

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Art & Healing

Ive always wanted to be an artist. So I made up my mind one day in the year 1991. I started making things and havent stopped. I dont try to complicate life or my art. You can admire the simple beauty in it. It may leave you in awe, but its not complicated. This computer

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Migraine Aura: Suggestions for Spiritual Approaches to Migraine Headaches

Abstract: In the 1990s, practitioners of orthodox scientific medicine engaged in dialogues with much passion about the reintegration of religion into medicine. It was shown that many complaints and illnesses are soothed more easily if the patient is spiritually active. This article is a contribution to this development. It examines the phenomenon of the migraine

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