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A Remarkable Recovery from Vulvodynia through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Abstract I am a strong intuitive. In order to help people better I trained to be a Certified Hypnotherapist, Dolores cannons QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) Recommended Practitioner and Mentor, Purebioenergy Healing Therapist, Healer, Soul Coach, Reiki Master and Qi Gong Practitioner. In my practice I help people access their true self to resolve their

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The Great Journey: A Dance With Cancer

Abstract Sickness and health have fascinated me since I was a little girl in bed with the usual childhood illnesses. This was the time I had out of body experiences, explored other dimensions and what I called space. I called it time out and found it peaceful. Sickness has always been a time for reflection

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My Body Was My Teacher

In 2002, a BBC producer in her mid-forties, suffering from severe headaches and double vision, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in her right cavernous sinus, next to the pituitary gland. The tumour proved inoperable and proposed diagnoses included chondrosarcoma, meningioma and chordoma. This article shares how the writer learned from an American healer, Martin

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Dream of a Blue Bucket

An ovarian tumor was diagnosed by ultrasound after a large mass was found in my abdomen on a routine annual physical exam by my family doctor. A malignant tumor was suspected. I declined the recommendation for a total hysterectomy along with removal of the tumor, choosing treatment with German New Medicine (GNM) instead. GNM helped

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Remarkable Recovery from a Severe Spinal Injury

Abstract: Remarkable recovery is possible. That is my experience [of a remarkable recovery from a severe cervical spinal injury] and that is my purpose in writing my story. It is not to WOW you with a miraculous story or impress you with what a super-human person I am. Rather, it is to empower you to

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My Journey to Recovery from Mercury Poisoning and Multiple Sclerosis

Though I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in August, 1989, with numbness in the legs and hands, visual disturbances and extreme fatigue, I continued to work full time as a travel agent until 2004. After many emotional stresses at work, caused mainly by interpersonal struggles, I began to feel confused, foggy and had difficulty

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Cerebral Palsy

Zachery, a 24 year-old man who was born with cerebral palsy, suffered from speech impairment and weakness with poor coordination on the left side of his body, plus garbled hearing in his left ear. He had physiotherapy, speech therapy and surgically-induced deafness in his left ear, all of which produced helpful but only modest improvements.

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Scleroderma: My Path to Healing

There are several different types of Scleroderma. I was diagnosed with the most critical variation on this exquisite torture By January, 2002 my skin was rock hard. I thought I could not move my fingers because of the swelling but I soon discovered my hands were frozen in a claw-like position because of my skin.

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