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A Remarkable Recovery from Breast Cancer

A 38 year-old woman was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and given a fifty percent chance of survival. This was a doubly difficult challenge to deal with, as it came one week prior to her final divorce court day. She underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, experimental chemotherapy and 11 reconstructive surgeries. She found

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Prescription: Humor Healing

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage II B in February of 2008. I had a full hysterectomy and six chemotherapy treatments of combined Taxol and Carboplatin over the course of six months. I am in remission and continue to build back my physical strength through diet and exercise. I never lost my mental strength!

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Remarkable Recoveries

Modern medicine has not explored the issues of self-healing and of patients who exceed survival expectations. The reason is that we either give the treatment the credit or dismiss them as miracles or spontaneous remissions. Medicine does not study successes like these because it believes that one cannot learn from spontaneous events. However, when we

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Introducing a Transpersonal, Spiritual, Healing Framework for the Aftermath of Trauma

This article introduces a transpersonal spiritual framework describing the process of transformation and healing that may be experienced in the aftermath of trauma. The spiritual framework embraces four iterative processes: holding and containing, letting go and expanding, accepting and transforming, and embracing spirituality that may be used to provide guidance when working with individuals who

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I lecture to nurses, hospitals and healthcare organizations on how to effectively work with frightened children in a variety of medical environments. I am a 1977 graduate of the Millard Fillmore School of Professional Nursing in Buffalo New York and have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. I have experience in Intensive Care,

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METHOD OF LEVELS THERAPY: Helping the normal change process within a person when normal change doesn’t seem to be happening by itself.

This in-depth study demonstrates the value of single-case research, as well as confirming the value of the particular method that was studied. Method of Levels (MOL) Therapy is described and applied to the case of a woman whose husband died. MOL Therapy is derived from Perceptual Control Theory. Session to session changes within the woman

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A Family that Meditates Together Stays Together

The Allman (assumed name) family was a fairly typical American family with two working parents,three energetic and individualistic children, a comfortable lifestyle that included occasionalattendance at a Unitarian church; a somewhat hands off father; and a mother/ wife who feltoverworked and underappreciated, as she managed the familys daily routine, dealing with issuesfrom sibling rivalry, sniffles,

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