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Nutrient Synergy and Complexity Theory: A New Paradigm?

This paper suggests that there is need for an amplified paradigm in nutrition, going beyond biochemistry, to accommodate new research on the effects of whole foods and complex dietary systems. It offers a brief history of nutrition science, an overview of successful applications of the reigning nutritional paradigm and a rationale for a paradigm expansion.

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Healing with Food – Intentionality in Cooking

Food carries an emotional charge which affects its flavor in a subtle way. I found that out more than forty years ago I got involved in a dietary system known as macrobiotics, started by George Ohsawa. One of its tenets, derived from Japanese Zen monastery cooking, was that the intention of the cook changes the

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Healing with Food – Schizoid Dietary Advice

Ever wonder about the disconnect between the advice that nutritionists routinely give to those who consult us about how to eat healthfully and the food messages people get from the media and the supermarket? We, the nutrition counselors, usually say, Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grain cereals and breads, beans, small amounts

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The Food and Cancer Connection

Cancer is too vast a problem to expect that there would be a simple solution to all its manifestations. In this article, I want to acknowledge and present an overview of the relationship between cancer and foods that is spoken of in many different voices.

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Overview of Two Popular Diets: Vegetarianism and Macrobiotics

Background Vegetarian diets eschew foods that entail the killing of animals. While anthropological studies have not discovered any fully vegetarian natural societies (DeVries 1952; Farb and Armelagos 1980), adherents of various religions and spiritual practices have adopted vegetarian eating styles for many centuries, going as far back as Pythagoras in Europe (Barkas 1975), and even

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The Uses of Food as Medicine

In Western biomedicine, nutritional therapies have been proven cost-effective modes of treatment in such well-researched conditions as hypercholesterolemia (McGehee 1995) and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (Franz et al 1995). While patients are receptive to dietary advice from their doctors, that advice is seldom forthcoming in any great detail, as many physicians have minimal training in

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