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Seaspiracy: A metaphor for our lives

Our world is changing in very challenging ways that threaten to be overwhelming. We are facing massive overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, and climate change. Any of these alone may eliminate our very existence. Combined, the prospects look grim indeed. I find it deeply saddening to see the general lack of awareness, much less serious

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Have you ever felt a sense of gratitude to have someone in your life, even though he or she was dying or perhaps even already deceased? Have you ever felt tenderness for an older adult and observed a similar state of wonder at the world that you often glimpse in a young child or a

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Samsara, reviewed by Jim Perretta, PhD

In my high school physics class, I wrote an essay which posed the question: Have our lives improved from modern technology? Now, I also wonder: Are we more evolved than our forebears who did not have computers, cell phones, artificial organs, and other modern devices? How much technology do we need to have a good

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