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ACEP Research Symposium Conference Proceedings

Welcome from the Symposium Coordinator John Freedom This year we are celebrating ACEP’s 25th anniversary.  Although this is a milestone in our history, it’s important to put this into perspective.  The field of Energy Psychology is still in its infancy, and we can only begin to imagine what it will look like 25, 50 and

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Energy Healing Leadership Conference Proceedings

Welcome from Conference Founder Ann Hessian Join us in honoring Energy Healing trailblazers, teachers, and innovators who have inspired and taught us over many years. These leaders in the field have worked for decades to spread the message and wisdom of energy healing to the world. They’ve renewed ancient practices, created empowering programs to train

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Cross Reference

To the scientists and writers of IJHC articles: In the next phase of our development, IJHC has become a member of Cross Reference and is implementing Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) numbers for all research, theory and case study articles in the journal. It will take us several months to update all 23 years of those

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Introduction to our new Editor-in-Chief

An Introduction to Dr. Kendra Gaines, Ph.D. Ive worked for newspapers, book publishers, secondary schools, travel magazines, and universitiesbut this is the first time I have held the honored position of Editor-in-Chief of a most respected and invaluable publication, the IJHC. This journal is a cutting-edge resource for the healing community, offering an outlet for

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Founding Editor Farewell

After 20 years of publishing the International Journal of Healing and Caring, at the age of 80, Ive decided its time to retire. Its been a long road, publishing 3 issues annually, with 4-7 articles in each issue. I was delighted and privileged to encounter many wonderful therapists in the process of editing and publishing

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IJHC and NAOEP announce Joint Partnership

International Journal of Healing and Caring ( and the National Alliance of Energy Practitioners ( announce that beginning with the Dec 2021 edition the journal will be produced jointly. Individuals wishing to submit scientific articles, clinical case reports, pilot studies, book and film reviews, editorials on topics relevant to health and health care may submit

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