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Editorial Musings 

Editorial Musings 

 Dr. Kendra Gaines, Editor-in-Chief, IJHC 

It isn’t too often that we read an article, in this case, Dr. Christina Ross’s article on energy medicine, and then have the astounding privilege of watching a theory under discussion turn into practice. But that is exactly what has happened to my Significant Other (SO). He has a lower back that looks rather like the LA Freeway system from the sky—it’s all over the place! The erratic configuration is thanks to football early in his life, but the result of it, especially with advancing years, has been ongoing pain. We have, over time, seen a number of different doctors about this issue, with very little result. At my SO’s age (87), surgeons are noticeably unenthusiastic about doing surgery. We can’t blame them for that, but—what alternatives are there? Massage is helpful, yes, but only temporarily. And drugs are too often more destructive than constructive.

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