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Relationships: Important but often neglected aspects of wholistic awareness and healing

Relationships: Important but often neglected aspects of wholistic awareness and healing


Relationships are often portals to healing and wholeness. However, people with relationships issues and their therapists often find these problems to be very complicated and challenging to deal with. it is therefore not surprising to learn that many complementary/ alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners are satisfied in focusing their help on addressing the many and varied issues of body, emotions, mind and spirit. And there is extensive literature and research on these issues of health and how to help.

Problems of relationships are left to be addressed by therapists who specialize in these issues. This is an important omission in the general practice of wholistic healing, as many problems are related to challenging interactions with others, both past and present. Reasons for this omission are explored in this article, and very simple and highly effective approaches for dealing with relationships are suggested.
* The author of this article has observed that In most of these therapies the therapists take it upon themselves to suggest ways of understanding and dealing with these clinical problems. A case is made here for encouraging people to explore and develop their own understandings of their issues and to develop ways for dealing with them, rather than relying on their therapists taking responsibility for doing this.
Key Words: Relationships, Wholistic Healing, Complementary/ Alternative Therapies
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