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Day: December 17, 2018

The Beauty of Fathering During Pregnancy

Our core understandings of babies and early human experience are in the midst of a fundamental paradigm shift. In my article Consciousness at the Beginning of Life, published in this issue of IJHC, I explore this shift and what we are learning from the babys point of view about early human experiences that leads us

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12 Guiding Principles–Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology:Nurturing Human Potential and Optimizing Relationships from the Beginning of Life

Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology (PPN) Understanding our earliest relationship experiences from the babys point of view and how these experiences set in motion life patterns has been the intense study of the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology for over 40 years. The field uses this lens to focus on our earliest human experiences from

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Consciousness at the Beginning of Life

I began my career in Kentucky as an obstetrical nurse and childbirth educator in the 1970s. I loved caring for parents as they birthed and raised their babies. To be at the leading edge of my work, I got my masters degree in early development and my doctorate in counseling psychology. I thought I knew

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Energy Healing Therapies for Symptom Control of Cancer Patients of Cancer Patients

Abstract Energy medicine techniques, including Healing Touch, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Donna Eden Method were added to the routine medical treatment regime of cancer patients at the MD Anderson Cancer and their effects were evaluated on the most common symptoms suffered by the patients, including anxiety, pain, fatigue, nausea and insomnia. Improvements ranging from 3.4-5.8 points

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EXTREME Self Care: The Key to Being Resilient in Real Time

Abstract In your busy life, perhaps including a demanding profession, you devote so much dedication, commitment, energy, and concern that you run the risk of achieving BURNOUT or becoming numb from the stress of continual demands on your mind, body and spirit. You can get so caught up in doing so much for others that

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