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Day: January 21, 2015

IJHC Book Reviews January 2015

Judith Herman.Trauma and Recovery: The aftermath of violence from domestic abuse to political terror. New York: Basic/Penguin 1992/1997. 299 pages Refs 43 pp. $17.99 This is an outstanding book on trauma, primarily focused on womens and soldiers experiences. It details the horrors of severe trauma experienced in children and adults; victims of emotional and physical

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Family Constellations and the Evolution of Worldviews Part 2 of 3: Time, Space, and Consciousness

Abstract In lieu of an Abstract I present an outline of the contents of this discussion. Synopsis of Part One The Dual Network Model A Worldview for Constellation Effects Relativity and Early Quantum Physics Later Quantum Discoveries Quantum Confusion Social Conscience, Historical Trauma, and Scientific Reality Constellating the Intellectual Tribes Parapsychologythe Great Exclusion Conclusionif Consciousness

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