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Day: May 2, 2007

IJHC Book Reviews May 2007

Janis Amatuzio. Beyond Knowing: Mysteries and Messages of Death and Life from a Forensic PathologistKatie, Byron and Mitchell, Stephen. A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things AreKeith-Scott Mumby, Virtual MedicineAllan L. Botkin with R. Craig Hogan. Induced After Death Communication: A new therapy for healing grief and traumaGreg Tamblyn. Art

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Words & One-Liners, May 2007

I’m stuffed into a silver suit….is it enough to be the attendant pumping gasinto a car driven by someone who worksthe night shiftat a factory making partsfor one small componentin a rocket engine?

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Life Force Energy: Connections with the Universe

The 1960s captured my imagination with the onset of space exploration and sending man to the moon. I was on a NASA mailing list, and soon after the latest Apollo missions received reports filled with stunning space images and facts. An Apollo 8 mission image, the earthrise gave me an impressive sense of scale of

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An Evolution of Love

I no longer remember where I first found the perspective I am about to share, but I do know that it wasnt my own work, so Ill honor its creator anonymously. The idea I am referring to suggests that the first, and theoretically lowest, form of love we experience is that we love someone else

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The Power of Mantra

For thousands of years, in a wide range of cultural traditions, people have been using sounds in a variety of ways to contribute to health and well-being. There are traditional songs, chants and music to accompany many social activities. In some indigenous tribes, virtually every activity is preceded by a ceremonial chant, whether it is

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Love, Laughter, Humor and Healing

Humor and laughter have sustained me in my work and sustains and heals my patients on their path to healing from a variety of health challenges. Acting like a child helped me to see the world with joy and bring out the child in others. Despite our wounds we can still laugh. Live your life

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The Integrated Treatment of Cancer in Chinese Hospitals

The author is a practitioner of Chinese Herbal medicine and acupuncture in the UK, specialising in the management of cancer. He spent two weeks in China, and observed the herbal treatment of around 70 patients with cancer. Some of these patients received conventional or western treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, while some received

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WHEE on the Move in Peru and Canada

WHEE (Whole Health Easily and Effectively) is a potent self-healing technique, elegantly simple and easy to learn, yet deeply potent and rapid in its effects. It allows people to release negative emotions quickly, even when these have been caused by severe traumas that occurred years earlier. WHEE proved helpful to children with severe traumas in

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